Friday, June 13, 2008

end of week wrap up

Wow, it's been a long week and not much blogging going on in my corner of the Universe. Things on the fitness front have been progressing, albeit slowly. I am up to walking on the treadmill at 5.6km/hr and yesterday I went into the RPM room and did a Track 2 by myself - I was huffing and puffing by the end of it - I have really lost quite a bit of fitness. The plan is now to attend RPM three times a week and sit up the back of class and do what feels good and ditch the rest. I estimate it will probably take about six weeks before I feel ready to teach again, but we will see.

Have had two shoulder treatments this week and am achieving much better range of motion. Still have to book in for MRI scan though! I have high hopes of being able to start training with weights again in 4 weeks.

It is amazing how much condition one can lose when you don't consistently exercise - I feel flabby and weak now, but know in the fullness of time, this will be a distant memory. I think achieving a fit body is akin to a small miracle unfolding - it is exciting to progress and get better and better.

Seems like I am PMSing with everyone else in blogland right now - had an unusually large sugar hit yesterday which has seen me pay for my indiscretions with an upset tummy and hangover type headache this morning. Sometimes an ugly eating episode can make you feel so glad you eat well the rest of the time. I feel ordinary now, but in another 48 hours I will be back to my old self. It takes three days to detox from a sugar blowout. I'm sitting here sipping a post dinner peppermint tea - I enjoyed grilled salmon and veggies - a favourite here.


Shar said...

Sounds like you are geting there Liz. It will all be worth it and in the greand scheme of things not long to take off for recovery.

Looking forward to seeing you at the All Females,
Shar x

SeLiNa said...

One day it will all be a distant memory!!

I'm thinking I'm gonna have to come to Brisvegas for a weekend when you're better, just to do your RPM extreme class!
I've always wanted to throw up ;P

Kek said...

You'll be running and doing entire RPM classes before you know it!

Blah for the sugar hangover. I always figure that hangovers (of any kind) are a good thing because they make us think twice before doing THAT again. Unfortunately the lesson seems to wear off after a while though...

ss2306 said...

You're gonna be kickin' ass (mine included) before too long. I'm heading to a cycle shop later this morning (it's just after 2 am now) to hopefully buy some cycle jerseys so I can at least look the part whilst I fake it till I make it again. This week has been one continual sugar hangover with some vodka thrown in there also but that's what it's about! Vegas Baby Vegas! Got some fab purchases and something really special 4 u! OK, one last stop on the way to my room for sleepies- the gym. Gotta at least say I've seen it if nothing else. I do have blisters on my feet from all the walking - does that count?