Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's all about me - back to "base" Day One!

Today I went one step further towards reclaiming my "normal" life with my first workout at the gym. I was actually pretty nervous, believe it or not, about what I would actually be able to do there. My goal is over the next six weeks is to return to a level of movement where I can start building a solid aerobic and strength base - around week 12 -13 post surgery. I have also decided to spring clean my eating and focus on some new dishes. I am taking this time to recharge and focus on myself, hence the title.

Today's training:
20 minute walk on the treadmill at 4.8km/hr (don't laugh, I tried 5km/hr and my belly didn't like it one little bit)
Shoulder/thoracic release tennis ball therapy
TVA /pelvic floor activation 16 full breaths
Telescope x 2
Side Lying Clams 1 x 8

I finished the workout feeling like I could do a lot more and decided that if I am finishing these rehab style workouts like this, then my progression is appropriate.

Not dreadfully consistent at all today. Started off OK but was invited out to lunch and had little control over the menu. Dinner - Latina Pasta that has been sitting in the fridge for ages and expires tomorrow.
Tomato juice
Oats, whey protein powder, skim milk
M2: Slim Secrets plus small banana
Lunch: small serving of Peking Duck, small serving Calamari, Pad Thai with prawns - ate slowly and stopped when full (about 1/3 of the serving)
Dinner: 1/2 a regular serving size of Latina Pasta and sauce - it's amazing that when you eat slowly and listen to your body you don't need as much as you think.

Needless to say I have a lot of veggies planned in tomorrow's menu. I ended the day feeling frustrated that my clean eating plans got waylaid, but in the whole scheme of things it is just one day. The secret is focusing on putting those good days together and creating some positive energy.

In other news, I'm off to the physio again for my shoulder. I have been having problems with my rotator cuff, pec minor and a tight thoracic spine (all common in someone with a lordotic posture such as yours truly). As rest has not improved it and physio hasn't been super helpful, I'm thinking of sending myself off for an MRI to make sure I haven't got a tear. There's one thing that really rattles me and that is carrying an injury. So fingers crossed I will get some good news tomorrow.


Kek said...

Fingers crossed re the shoulder!

Splice said...

I'm so happy that your back at the gym, that is a huge step for you Liz :-)

Take your time and listen to your body just as you did today.


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Don't you just hate when the injury consistly niggles away!!! My knee heals, hurts, heals, hurts.......I am biting the bullet and going to a sports therapist to help me with recovery so I can do more HIIT stuff again.


Irene said...

Hope your shoulder is ok..
Irene x