Friday, June 06, 2008

Day 3 Back to Base and they call it "Swell Hell"

Today's training: 25 minute walk outdoors. Today I felt like I could walk a bit faster and I enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.
Oats, Whey, tomato juice, skim
Stuffed Mushrooms x 2
Turkey,cranberry, tomato melt on Burgen bread
Stuffed Mushroom, half cup Special K (felt like something crunchy)
Risotto with chicken breast, mushrooms and steamed greens
Apple with smudge of cottage cheese.

Despite the exercise, I've been on a real downer today - the cause - what they refer to on plastic surgery forums as "Swell Hell" has set in. My poor old belly is very very swollen today. Apparently this can happen when one begins to exercise, though I don't really count going for a 25 minute amble, barely breaking a sweat, exercise. I certainly hope that lots of mushrooms help!

I am happy to announce however that I purchased my very first T Shirt bra in a 12 C. I remember trying on one in a 10 A and being embarrassed that I couldn't fill the darn thing as I think they give boobs a nice shape. I may think I look massive, but the mirror distorts the true image of your body. Taking a photo is way more honest - made sure I have the spin bike in the background for good measure.


ss2306 said...

Yeah baby! Lookin' good mumma! We'll have to have a "boob off" upon my return.

Chin up - you've come a long long way since your surgery making progress each and every day in some way or another. You'll be gettin' that belly button pierced before you know it.

Luv and big hug

Cheryl said...

Noice Chesticals Liz.. Grin.

Kimmy said...

Girls are looking awesome :) - very natural,you should be very pleased. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon.
Thanks for sharing :)

Live with Passion

Java said...

Very nice, not to big nor small. Looks almost smaller than a C. Great size.
Thanks for the reminder, I just just fit a 12A! :-( But hubby reckon more than a handful is a waste ... thanks hon! LOL.

Michelle said...

The 'girls' are looking pretty good :o)

Irene said...

Well your filling the t-shirt bra out very nicely!!! Go girl....

Irene x

Lisa said...

Love them.....natural and appropriate!

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Woot Woot! very sexy t-shirt bra and 'contents'.

Girls are looking great!


Splice said...

Love your cleavage!!
They look awesome Liz :-)