Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Food Intake - for Jacque

In my last post Jacque left a comment about seeing what I eat on a daily basis for inspiration. I think my choices today reflect what a busy woman on the run (who didn't pack an esky today) eats - probably not "perfect" but the basics are there - protein with each meal, good fats, plenty of vegetables, starchy carb post workout etc etc.
oats, whey and skim milk, V8 Veggie juice, Sydney Breakfast Tea
RPM - Caned it :) 750ml water
Post Workout:
Vietnamese Prawn Rice Paper Rolls (3) with Shelley
Chicken Tandoori Salad from Sumo Salad with 1/2 serve of dressing, 1 small bottle Pepsi Max
Leftover Smoked Salmon and an apple, green tea, water
Tandoori Chicken, salad - tomato, cucumber, coriander and yoghurt, eggplant relish, saffron rice.
(I have an Indian friend who often does my RPM classes and she kindly made me a beautiful Indian meal).


Michelle said...

It sounds like you are going ahead in leaps and bounds atm! Great to hear.

Jacque said...

Thanks so much Liz!! Much appreciated. And im very happy to hear your recovery is going well. Keep it up. Your very inspirational!!