Saturday, June 07, 2008

Day Four -Fighting Back by Eating Well

Training today: incidental exercise around the house
Eating: oats, whey, veggie juice, milk, Sydney Breakfast tea
Meal 2: slim secrets bar and small banana
Meal 3: balsamic tuna salad - 2-3 cups mesclun leaves, cherry tomatoes, slice cheese, carrot, cucumber, tuna with 4 star balsamic vinegar. 1 slice Burgen pumpkin seed bread. bunch of grilled asparagus
Meal 4: 170g Dairy Farmers light yoghurt with1/3 scoop whey, 2 cups steamed veggies with cottage cheese
Meal 5: left over risotto and greens
Meal 6: ?

Am not as swollen today but not thrilled by the prospect of the exercise making the swelling worse. Tomorrow's plan is to hop on the spin bike and work those legs again. I knew the TT recovery would take awhile, but when you're actually doing the recovery, it seems like time is moving too slowly for my liking - yet I'm running out of time everywhere else in my life right now. Too weird.

In other news, I've been amazed by the influence of the blogging world. A few weeks ago, folks from Powerade contacted me, asking me if I would like to try their new sports drinks (pre exercise with caffeine, regular powerade and a recovery Powerade with protein) gratis. I took them up on the offer and sure enough a box of Powerade is gracing my desk right now. I'm looking forward to trying it when I'm training hard enough to warrant a sports drink.


Kek said...

Snap! I had tuna salad with balsamic today too.

Nice luck on the freebies. :o)

Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely Liz, you are going to be on fire once your recover to 100%!!! Keep that chin up and those booba's!!! hee he

Rachel said...

Great to catch up on your news Liz and see you are on the mend :)

Nic said...

Hi Liz,
I have been MIA for a while and just now catching up with everyone. I hope your recovery continues to go great and you are back training fully before you know it.
Take care,

Antigone said...

I hope all the swelling settels for you hun, it must be frustrating but from the pic below it looks like everything was worth it:)
Have a great week hun :)