Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A different perspective

I have to admit that lately I feel like I've been playing a "waiting game" with my life. Do you ever feel like you're in 'flux' for want of a better expression. It's as if the light has been on, but I haven't been home. There have been so many changes this year, where I started off with a thriving PT business and online business, a goal of a figure comp and a budding career as a fitness writer... I'm finishing the year as someone who has dialed back their online business big time, resumed her pharmacy career, albeit part time and become a banging (I've picked this one up for Shelley, I'm banging everything) RPM instructor who's ready to take it up a notch in step.

After suffering from depression, I've been totally reassessing everything from the way I eat to the way I train to the way I sleep and how I choose to live. The SSRIs help but sometimes you just need the penny to drop so you can rocket your way out of there. Last night, the penny dropped. It was a moment I've been anticipating for a long time. I was reading about someone's struggle with something or other and they said something to the effect of "BEING A GROWN UP MEANS YOU DON'T DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO." Bingo!

If that isn't a good reminder to get on with the job, I don't know what is!

Had a great training session with Shelley yesterday - we threw around 50kg bench presses without blinking - can't believe the improvement really! Taught RPM this morning - had a big class for a Wednesday morning and backed it up with Step later on. I'm looking forward to taking the "Step Improvement" journey - if nothing ever comes of it, then I can rest easy in the knowledge I have become a better teacher anyway.

Here's another great quote from Roger Gould: "The only way failure is sure to happen is if you don't try to meet the challenge. If you put in sustained intelligent effort, you will learn something and that is automatically a success" (that's how I'm thinking about my RPM!)


Kerry W said...

Well if that's the case..."I don't want to grow up!" :P That's just NO FUN!

Ahhh...different perspective - I think it's been one hell of year for that. If I could pick one defining word (apart from tumultuous), it would be PERSPECTIVE. Great quote too BTW. :)

Kek said...

I'm sick of waiting for the penny to drop, so I'm just climbing out step by step.

Or maybe I'll grab onto your wheels for a bit of a jet-propelled boost, Miss Rocket RPM Gal!

ss2306 said...

Failure does not exist. Failure is simply someone else's opinion of how a certain act should have been completed. Once you believe that no act must be performed in any specific other-directed way, then failing becomes impossible. - Wayne Dyer

Keep on banging babe!!

Owww - she's on fire tonight!

Witchazel said...

yep thats me.. totally FLUXED... Now I just need my light to turn on...

ohh and I agree with Kerry .. I don't want to grow up either!!!

Frankie said...

Things change, needs change, life changes. Yeah sometimes we can't and shouldn't try to do everything we want. As you know...I'm hearin' ya.

Carolyn said...

Wow Liz - what a year you have had!

I really like your take on the different perspective - sometimes just reading something really does make it all become clear, when it's been fuzzy for a while.

Gotta love Shelley's perspective though - and I HAVE to send you a banging email I got the other day, but that'll have to wait till tomorrow!

Carolyn xx

Anonymous said...

ss2306 - you are so right with that quote. Right time for it all.

Liz - your whole year has not turned out how you expected, but how much the better are you for it?! From my stand point - HEAPS. You hold yourself with fun, dignity and poise.


Elizabeth Gibbons said...

I'm completely new to reading your blog but I can completely sympathize with what you're feeling. It is so true when you're an adult and you feel stuck. You doubt yourself and you feel like poop. I'm totally there too, I've been suffering from depression and all because I can't do what i want. I feel like i'm just waiting around for the right opportunity or for things i'm planted to grow. Its like your said sometimes we don't get to do what we want and it sucks. But I guess the key is to keep going and eventually we can do what we want.