Monday, October 05, 2009

Running forever!

That's what I felt I could do this morning, even with toey tarsals. My foot has still been giving me grief but if I wear my orthotics, it keeps improving. This morning's training included a 25 minute run at a very easy pace and then 20 minutes on the elliptical (I was purposely more intense and was glad I had my IPOD for company, otherwise it wouldn't have been much fun at all). Spent a lot of time stretching afterwards and did some box squats and RDLs - didn't want to overdo the weights - I am planning on easing into leg DOMS.

Aim of the game is to improve my cardiovascular fitness in anticipation of this audition - my thoughts are that when you're teaching, it's a nice little luxury to not have to be concerned with your fitness levels. I really enjoyed doing the extra cardio this morning - modes that I'm not doing a lot with and I am now inspired to drag out my HR monitor to gauge improvements like recovery etc.

I had to work in the pharmacy today and to allay the sore legs you get from standing on your feet all day, I purposely did lots of movement, lots of climbing up and down the ladder to put obscure drugs in their place and taking the long way to the ladies bathroom. As a consequence, although I am tired, my feet are not aching.

I am also proud of myself because I took the trouble to bring my own lunch and made an absolutely delicious concoction which was very fried rice like - every vegetable under the sun, a couple of eggs, bit of soy sauce and spinach to give it even more colour. I enjoyed fresh pineapple for morning tea (straight from the farms around here), and lemon garlic fish and greens for arvo tea. Tonight we've polished off peri peri chicken and steamed vegetables, and some Lindt chocolate - it's on special at Coles this week, so I bought one in every flavour..hee hee.

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