Sunday, October 04, 2009

My 6 to 3 ratio

Of live to dead fish - made the mistake of putting Angel Fish in with my Platties and now I have three Angel Fish, two Siamese Flying Fish (not the fighting types) and one Paradise Fish (called Mona - haven't named the others yet!) and no platties (they died violent deaths at the hands of Mona).

Have spent the day cleaning the house - I'm just about to mop the floors and I've done the obligatory washing and ironing. I want to be ready to hit the ground running tomorrow - RPM, leg training, work - it's all happening!


Kek said...

I have NO idea what a Plattie is, but bummer that they didn't make it. LOL.

I suck as a pet owner, so never, ever again.

ss2306 said...

Looking forward to hearing the story of how Mona got named.

Bummer on the dead ones!

Anonymous said...

Liz your platties probably died due to the fact Angel Fish are aggresive. Someone should have advised you correctly on which would be the best fish to have in the tank with your Angels?

Frankie said...

I thought our guppy, Timmy the Wonderfish, was a cannibal as we had a zebra fish that mysteriously disappeared.

That was a year ago. Last night I found said zebra fish behind an ornament I was was quite...dry. Don't quite know how he got there other than jumping out of the bowl.

Timmy is still not off the hook though.. as the zebra fish may have been pushed.

LizN said...

Hey Anon, the lady at the fish store said the angels would be OK with the platties - the paradise fish actually knocked off the platties - but after doing more research, everyone is telling me exactly what you just mentioned so I won't be replacing the platties any time soon. The other thing I forgot was that the fish are going to grow...