Friday, October 30, 2009

It All Counts

Having a bit of a Friday troll around Youtube and have been picking up a few of my favourites to download. I love Alanis Morissette, but only own the "Jagged Little Pill" CD, and this one is off her second album and a song I really like.

I love the focus on the connection and gratitude for emotions that we usually render extremely uncomfortable. If we never had any of this to deal with, how would we grow? How would we move forward and appreciate what we have and what we've learned? ( you can still see I'm on the "growing up" train here)

Wow, that was pretty deep for Friday - have had a pretty busy day - taught RPM this morning and connected with my sweat and my breath in a big way!. THen off to smash a few weights with Shelley - got 52.5kg in some floor presses, but was a bit of a pussy on the supinated grip rows (go Shelley - she smashed em!).

RPM Hi Performance and work tomorrow - I'm going to be smashed by the end of the day and reckon it may be time to schedule a little Chill Out day in the near future.

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