Friday, October 09, 2009

Me too!

Yes, confirming that the gorgeous Selina was in this latest issue of Ultrafit in an article called "Deconstructing Cardio Training". Although I am expecting a formal apology in next month's magazine, the writing was mistakenly attributed to Lindy Olsen instead of myself, and I want to let everyone know that I am the author of the work (and the entire "Deconstructing" series that has featured in the magazine over the last six months or so). Lindy has modelled for some articles, but has played no part in the writing of them. It's been a real pain sorting it out, that is for sure. But I am pleased to see Miss S looking fantastic in the magazine, no question.

Now onto today's training - taught RPM this morning at Toowong. I've inherited the Friday 9.30am class from the beautiful Emma and had a great time teaching this morning. Then Shelley and I followed up with our weights. Drumroll please - 50kg incline bench today (2 reps, seeing me trying to do three was a real picnic...
Me: "noooooooo!!!!"
Shelley: "I have the bar"
Me: "ooohhhh nooooooo!!!!"
Shelley (racks bar) "see?"

Shelley's turn - Shelley is a bad ass - she nails four of these bad boys...
Me: "c'monnnnnn!!!!!"
Me: (gently beginning to assist) "lock out!!!!"
Shelley: "don't you dare help me!!!!!!!"
Shelley smashes the weight into the air (you beauty!).

We're not sure what Toowong or the PTs thought of us this morning - I commented to Shelley that I think Jinders is now used to our lifting antics and that we're going to have to " break "Toowong FF in.

Then off to buy all the fruit and veggies for the coming week (I will guess they may only last until Tuesday, but we shall see).


Sam D-M said...

Hey Liz, I hope you two inspired a few others there to work harder today!

Kerry W said...

Hey Liz

Just got back. Love the new look for your blog!