Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kiss Kiss

Absolutely nothing to do with fitness, health or emotional eating. Just a groovy track about being a bad girl with a bit of a reputation!

Since Carolyn jogged my memory, I've been going on a delightful Youtube journey looking at film clips from all of my favourite 70s and 80s bands - so much for working on deep rooted issues or blogging about anything meaningful (but Kirst, that will come!).

Anyway today has been mixed. On the downside I managed to lose my very expensive mobile/PDA but on the upside, I have very little left on my contract so it's not all bad (and maybe I'll get an IPhone to match the Mac, but not sure yet - if anyone has any opinions on them, let me know what you think). This set off a wave of what I would call nervous eating as I madly phoned Telstra and got the service disconnected etc. Not really thrilled with myself as not very hungry for dinner, but onwards and upwards

The other feature of my day involved having my CBD RPM class assessed by Maka, who was a Les Mills Assessor, but now heads up the RPM side of Finishing First (which is Fitness First's in house instructor training department). I've known Maka for a long time and we're friends which made things a little less nerve wracking - what I was impressed by was Maka's encyclopedic knowledge of the RPM program and his grasp on the technical side of things.

All in all, the assessment went pretty well - the good points - I'm a "natural coach" (wahoo!) and good technician( ie generally good smooth technique) but there were a few small things like amount of bend in elbow during racing and some slight modification of position in Standing Attack that need a little fine tuning. But as Maka said, now that I know, I'll have changed and improved by the very next class, so all good. I now just have to find someone to video my class by early next week to send off with my application.

So with all of that going on, I'm feeling emotionally charged and drained all at the same time - so I'm going to take a nice warm shower, curl up with my fluffy slippers and watch "The Amazing Race" (not bad for a former KISS crazed wannabe bathroom 'ho!)


Kathiej said...

What a pain about the phone.

Just thought I would mention that the Iphone is touch and I would find myself ringing ppl by accident

Also that I am in love with my Blackberry it is amazing what it does....
Check it out before you get your Iphone.

Just a thought.....Thanks for being so inspiring


LizN said...

Hi Kathie,
Thanks for your comment and making yourself known - would love to go and check out your site now.

Does the Blackberry sync with a Mac?


Kek said...

I hope your internet deal gives you a decent download limit, what with all your Youtube-ing. ;o) Our kids managed to use up all of ours last month, so we were relegated to dial-up speed for the final few days. Grr!

Kathiej said...

I can't see why not..if you computer has blue tooth (if not USB) then yeah should be fine....check with them before buying but I love mine :-)