Friday, October 02, 2009

Going into the Hurt Box......

Today heralded my return to strength training after ten days off and knowing how hard Shelley likes to hit things had me running scared in my mind. Thoughts of my chest cracking under the stress of those heavy weights entered my mind. "Be gone!" I told myself. "Have no expectations....just do it".

After a rather convivial warm up we were straight into the guts of the workout, incline bench (5 x 1 cluster) x 4 supersetted with pull ups. I was a bit hesitant about the angle and wondered out aloud to Shelley whether her bench press comp would allow an angle, because surely she would cane it - but I'm proud to say that today I kept up with her - we did some pretty tidy sets at 45 and 47.5kg and marvelled at how we bang on a 45kg load without thinking twice. I surprised myself with the pull ups - managing to do most of them now unassisted, albeit for a little jump up towards the bar. We knew we were pretty wiped out when we started our second superset - think we dropped on these weights from last time but to me that's OK, if you're failing towards the end of the session it means you've caned it pretty thoroughly at the beginning, so you've gotta be happy with that.

I have a feeling I'm going to be screaming down to DOMS city by tomorrow, so I'm sitting quietly and enjoying the calm before the storm.

I mentioned a few posts back that my next little fitness project hadn't hit my lap, but I think I know what's on the menu next. I'm going to apply to audition to be a Les Mills presenter (like Shar ) - for the RPM program. I've got my work cut out for me and there is lots of practice to do, going through the education sessions with a fine tooth comb, getting my fitness levels up there and doing some pre audition assessment. It's pretty competitive and I don't know my likelihood of a look in, but I do know that I will have learned something after a month of intense focus so getting somewhere with it would be a real bonus. The auditions are in early November in Brisbane for any other LMA instructors who may be reading this and want to give it a good crack.

Off now to peel some prawns and prep some calamari for dinner - I got some fresh Aussie prawns for fifteen bucks a kilo and thought that they would be perfect with sweet chilli and lime marinade, some home made wedges and a bucket of steamed vegetables.


Shar said...

Hey Liz
What an awesome goal, its something you do day in day out so a great one to aim for.
My best piece of advice (FWIW) would be to video yourself, watch and write notes on technique only, then watch again and write notes on caoching, etc etc all the way through the key elements, everything covered, then implement, then film again and see how you have improved.
Good Luck

Kek said...

A new goal...exciting stuff! :o)

Any chance of sending some dinner my way. I have to cook tonight and I just don't feel like it. *pouts*