Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gosh we're good!

This morning I had another great training session with Shelley - and had the pleasure of seeing her pick up 125kg - I won't say "just like that" because it didn't come off the ground fast, but once momentum had begun to build, it was "take it to the top baby!"

We got stuck into our upper body training - I keep marvelling at what heavy (for me!) weights I'm lifting - today I did 5 x 45kg close grip bench press! I can't remember what we did for chest supported rows but we started with 60kg and kept adding and adding and adding. To which I commented, "gosh, we're good!".

Lifting these massive weights puts a smile on my face all day, I walk around hugging my little secret to my chest, thinking "I may look meek and mild, but underneath I'm a real badass!" We groan and grunt in the gym and challenge every perception that ladies are dainty and refined during training, and it is the best fun.

We have a cuppa tea and whatever we feel like eating (if we're hungry) afterwards and we sit on our little deck chairs and talk about this whole crazy thing called "life". I think I may have to write more about intuitive eating and the "non diet" approach - certainly not anything to do with letting it go and eating Maccas. In fact I was at Toowong the other day and a Deli Choices Tandoori Roll and Garden Salad called my name - in fact one of my RPM participants saw me eating said roll and salad and commented that it was nice that "instructors are normal" and that it made her feel better about her own food choices.

Step tomorrow and for a change of pace, we're going to do Yoga with Lynne afterwards - then have lunch at our favourite Vietnamese Deli.

I've attached another of my favourite songs "One Moment in Time" as a reminder to keep living an authentic life - to be the best "you" that you can be!


ss2306 said...

You badass you!! Made me smile reading your post, then I watched the clip. Can't recall ever hearing that song which brought a few tears to my eyes.

See you tommoz strong bitch.

Magda said...

Hey Liz,

I'm loving my no diet approach too. Am eating some yummy foods but never to excess. One or two years ago who'd of thought this would be me now!!??

:-) Magda