Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Talk to Me (All I want is a little conversation)

Yeah, all I want is a little conversation! I was inundated with the response to my "Fierce Conversation" post and it was great to see so many people popping in a comment about things.

So inspired by my spaceman Ace Frehley (especially for Carolyn!) I've decided that I want you all to "Talk to Me" about issues you want to see blogged about (I could start with 'why did KISS have to take off their makeup - in their case makeup definitely maketh the men..) so leave me a comment or contact me via The Fitness Solution - I would love to hear from you, fitness related or not.

Today you now know that I'm a not so closet KISS fan - "Unmasked" was the first KISS purchase I made and I just thought Ace Frehely in his Spacesuit was just the bomb and I was in all of Grade Six!

Fitness and loving life wise, I've had a terrific day - started off with a cracker of an RPM class - we were small in numbers but made up for it in sweat. Then teaching Bodystep - was rather chuffed with myself for learning 5 new tracks and giving it a good caning. Miss Shelley (sans itchy MM balls) turned up to step with me and listen to me sing a poor rendition of "The Way You Make Me Feel" and then we both gave Lynne's Yoga Class a go - this was harder than I thought and my abs and shoulders got a thorough pasting with all those Downward Dogs. The meditation part was definitely the highlight and I left with a rather fuzzy warm sense of joie de vivre.

Then off to quickly slam down lunch with hubby and off to choose bathroom tiles which we did in record time before it was home to pick up the girls and take Miss G to ballet.

All that activity today has given me a wicked appetite and I feel like I haven't stopped chowing down all day which is always a bit disconcerting but it will even out in the end. But better to listen to genuine belly hunger and have a feed than to go over the edge and eat up eating a whole load of stuff that doesn't honour your beliefs or your belly!


Carolyn said...

Hey, what happened to Torpedo Girl?? LOL!!!
Love it!
Carolyn xx

Kirstie Robson said...

Heya Liz

I'd love to know more about your (and others) experiences with emotional eating - my worst emotional eating is during PMS, which has only become bad bad bad in the last year. I know I'm doing it, yet feel powerless to stop it. I'm reading about this in the book you recommended, but would like to hear your experiences and strategies you use to deal with it.