Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unprepared for pranayama

In case anyone is wondering, pranayama is the technique of breathing and breath control which regulates energy flow and aims at maintaining energy balance in yoga.

Today I taught RPM, slammed down breakfast, reviewed my Step choreo, taught Bodystep then participated in yoga. It is a mix of Hatha and Power Yoga and we started with a relaxation sequence - unlike the first time, I relaxed my mind and breath straight away and was beginning to feel like a smug yogini but once we started into our Sun Salutation, and various poses within this, I started feeling really seedy. My problem? Low blood sugar it seems - feeling dizzy really dents your enthusiasm for Downward Dogs, so I quietly snuck out of the room with my apple and refueled - feeling much better, it was back to the group fitness room for the relaxation (perfect!). The above picture can mean many things, today it represents that I was feeling rather messy doing my yoga!

Now back to the picture - it's a famous "droodle" and can be interpreted in many ways. For example this picture could refer to:

  • A spider doing a handstand.
  • Total eclipse of the sun on a stick.
  • A family of worms stuck on a toffee apple.
  • A frightened mop.
  • A dandelion seed making a perfect landing.
  • A supermodel on a bad hair day. ( I particular like this one, because it happens to me often - the hair, not the supermodel!)
I try and think of droodles when my hubby and I talk about what's important in the house (he has been blissfully ensconced in cabling up the room we are going to call the home cinema. I hardly watch TV, so I'm concentrating on what's going in the kitchen and bathroom instead). Actually I'm pretty lucky that we agree on most decisions (though I could care less about speaker cable, just for the record).

I really enjoyed both RPM and Bodystep although my legs are still screaming from Monday's "pussy effort" on the weights (really, you'd think I was lifting monster load here, but it's woefully small) and my triceps were on fire from our dumbbell extensions yesterday (I do believe that I heard "sook" emanating out of the back corner of the group fitness studio as I did all push ups rather than tricep push ups in our conditioning track!) Hmm, I'll just have to wait until Friday to give the girl a thorough pasting in RPM (he he he)


ss2306 said...

LMAO - smart bitch. C'mon I'll take ya! hehehe

LizN said...

Indeed, game on -now what is Matt's email address so I can suggest an appropriate regime for your training tomorrow?

Frankie said...

it's definitely a very athletic spider.

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

thanks for the welcome back. Yes we are building and its one suburb away from where we lived before. But right now we are really lapping up the inner suburbs lifestyle as per today's post.

:-) Magda