Friday, October 23, 2009

Such a slug!

Well what my gadget is reminding me of this week is that when I'm not training in the gym I have the natural tendency to enter the Kingdom of Slugdom (notice the double It has been a real eye opener to see how naturally lazy I am and after my experience this week of nailing twenty thousand steps (this includes training so it's more like 10,000 lifestyle steps plus training), I have been sleeping like a baby.

Wow, what a worthwhile lesson that has been for me. All of this movement is really encouraging to get back in the game of life a lot more too - I have such a tidy house from trying to get those steps in.

So, teaching RPM this morning and hoping that Shelley's ready for a good pasting with the weights. I must remember to pack my Surge, which is pure gold after caning it on the bike and keeping me interested in my weights!


ss2306 said...

I'm already pasted - still!

But I'll give it a good crack.

Frankie said...

Yep, I'm naturally lazy too. I'm either doing doing doing or NOTHING. Going to try and get that happy medium!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sluggo!
I'm back :)