Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bench Press Update

Today marked the end of our 2nd four week block of training with a 1 RM bench press trial - I'm proud to say that I knocked out a solid 55kg effort today (just missed 57.5kg) and Shelley got 57.5kg - awesome work kiddo. Just for the record, four or so weeks ago, I was celebrating 50kg and Shelley 47.5kg - to have that sort of improvement in such a short time is really quite phenomenal. I'm amazed, because I've considered myself to be well trained (and the improvements are much much smaller, the longer you go on). So there is another belief smashed (hey, it seems I have a lot more in me!).

This has got me thinking that our beliefs can either limit or enhance our potential. A few weeks back I posted about "letting go of the numbers" - I'm really trying not to let the number on the weight I pick up affect me. Today we chose to believe that we could lift those weights and we now throw around numbers in the "50s" all the time. I believe that the more we keep associating our lifting with the higher numbers, the more likely these lifts are going to "arrive" for us. It seems that if I keep believing, I keep achieving and there's nothing wrong with that! I just have to keep remembering to apply it to the more unhelpful beliefs I also tend to pick up as well as the good ones.

Also filmed my submission video for Les mills today except hit a glitch with the mini tape not being able to be converted to VCR or DVD so I took John's camera off to Maka and hopefully he can work some Maka magic with it overnight. Ended up doing two takes - the second lot so much better than the first (I think by then I was used to the camera!) So provided I can actually get the darn vid in by Friday, I can sit back and cross my fingers...


ss2306 said...

Love the pic!
Love the belief!
Love a number 60 - here we come!

Awesome job on only 2 takes. That's fantastic!!

Kick up your heels tommoz with step. Get funky babe.

ss2306 said...

Forgot to say you're looking pretty spunky there too sexy.

Kerry W said...

Great stuff Liz & congrats on your belief and achievements! All the best the Les Mills vid. :)