Saturday, September 15, 2007

Forced together via marriage

Yup, this is a post about in laws - I've heard the saying that you inherit another family when you get married whether you like it or not. Plus you're forced to spend time with each other regardless of whether you've made friends or not. I did not grow up with Step siblings so I can only imagine the stress of moving in with a ready made family or inheriting a ready made family as such.

I must say that I've found blending with DH's side of the family extremely stressful. They are nice enough but I feel like if I had never met DH, I would never have been part of their Universe due to differences in interests, personality etc. Today, my MIL kindly offered to look after the girls whilst I did my BOSU course today - unfortunately we got our wires crossed - she thought I was coming back an hour and a half earlier than I had thought I had mentioned - however nothing was specifically said, only implied and I was left with a sense that I'd done something terribly wrong, only I wasn't sure. I mentioned this to DH who then phoned his parents who told him the error - then, angry he phoned me - to which then I took the bull by the horns, phoned them and apologized profusely for the error -I thought I had told them that I would be later.... only I just wished they'd mentioned it when I turned up - would have saved me a lot of indigestion. :(

Anyway, there's always a lot of unease around DH's family - I know they think my passion for all things fitness is a little bit weird but I have to tread my own path and realize that not everyone has to like me, just as I don't like everyone either.

The BOSU course was great though - DOMS is beginning to set into my thighs and my abs and I'm looking forward to waking up tomorrow knowing that I did something worthwhile..

Other workout today: 2 x Spinervals "sets" 30 minutes


combatgirl said...

HAHA, funny is all I can say. It sounds like you have some interesting times. I am with you on this one. I just don't bother communicating with them anymore. Everything gets organised between my hubby and them, then I KNOW they can't say I stuffed up and they would never get angry with their son (the sun shines out of his you know what LOL).

Ignorance is bliss my dear, try it every now again. xx

Cherub said...

I know where you are coming from although my MIL does not hold back.

RaeC said...

See... that's why I don't get involved in relationships let alone get married... just kidding!! I'd probably be right where you are if I could find a man I couldn't live without... *sigh*. Looks like you've been keeping busy and out of trouble gorgeous, although I am not quite sure after the devil outfit you wore... LOVED IT!! xxx

Livy said...

In laws suck at times don't they? Sounds like they could be a little easier to get along with.

Splice said...

It was obviously a misunderstanding you poor thing.
But like you said "we can't choose our family" so you just gotto take the good with the bad.
Hopefully everything will be okay soon.

Im glad your enjoying your course and your DOMS!


Hann said...

Oh geezz, my ex's family was like that, and each time we visited them his mum would either say I lost weight or gained weight! I hated it, when we split up he told them he caught me cheating on him, even though the truth is I moved out to a unit and left him, the prick.
So when I spoke to his mum to tell my side I was told how bitter I have left her son.
Yeah right!!

Go Liz!! and do what's best for YOU!!