Thursday, September 06, 2007

back at it

Back in the saddle again today. I'm still feeling a little weary but that's probably because I did some smokin' intervals on the treadmill after my workout this morning!
Workout today:
Warm up: 20 mins running (5.15min km av HR 130)
Chest/Biceps including BOSU work (I'm teaching Core tomorrow)
Running: HIIT intervals 14.5km/hr 30 seconds, 10 km/hr 30 seconds x 20. Ouch :)
This afternoon, I am going to spend going over my notes and preparing for the Core program which I teach tomorrow. I think I've mentioned it before, but it's deceptively tough.
Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for a speedy recovery - those wishes definitely worked!


Hann said...

Great to hear Liz, today I'm the one thinking omgoodness my cold came back, I call my sneezes 6 packs, they come once, twice ....

We discussed abdominal muscles today at uni, very interesting, our tutor explained how come sit ups (if done wrong) can be dangerous! He likes to call them crunches LOL.

Alicia said...

Good luck with Core tomorrow! Let me know how it goes as I'm interested in giving it a crack!

Ali said...

great to read that you are over your cold, I'm sure you'll teach a great core program, sounds interesting,

have a great day!


Batty F said...

Hi Liz,

Hope you're doing okay with your main man away. It can help to remember that reunions are always good :-)

I have 2 questions, i hope that's okay. With your treddy intervals, do you program them in or do you just manually bump them up and down every 30/secs? I find that can be a pain! Also, do you do them on an incline?

Thanks xx Bats

LizN said...

Hi girls :)

Batty, I do them on a 0% incline, though I've also been known to add a gradient if I'm feeling especially sadistic. And I just do the manual thang - which is difficult when you're running at 14.5 km/hr ;)


Splice said...

Yay!! Your better :-)
Hope the Core program goes well.
Have an awesome weekend.

combatgirl said...

glad your're feeling better!!

Kek said...

Aww, see what I missed, being all internet-less? Sorry you were sick, glad you're better!