Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Waffles

Today's post is a follow on from yesterday's post - Batty left an interesting comment along the lines of whether I look at a competition like a 12 Week Challenge and if I think long and hard the answer would be "no". A "12 week challenge" is open ended (there is no consequence to the end date) whereas I approach a Figure Competition as an athletic preparation with discrete phases and an end date (ie Comp day). Even though getting lean plays a big part in Figure preparation it is by no means any more important than all of the preparatory work you do in the off season. For me, the most satisfying aspect of competing has been having definite goals during each off season. Between my first and second comps, it was all about adding back and shoulder mass and this training phase for me now is all about gaining mass in my glutes and back. Mike and I have been doing a lot of corrective work - I underuse both my hamstrings and glutes - yet thanks to Mike and a whole bag of different tricks, I am feeling the DOMS love in my glutes.

I haven't decided on a definite comp date for next year - depending on what happens with Mike and where the training goes it may be April, July or October. I have to stress again that I think it's more important what you do in the off season than what you do when you are closer to stage ready.

I also must talk about stopping at a scoop of icecream. I struggle with emotional eating sometimes, I can eat out of spite, I can overeat when I'm overly hungry, tired or lonely. However, if I remain on an even keel emotionally, then having a scoop of icecream is not a trigger for me (meaning one mouthful is too many and a thousand are never enough). Get me overly tired and emotional, then I can become a different animal - just like the rest of the population.


Lia Halsall said...

Great post today Liz. You've touched on some very valid points here. I no longer believe in any amount of weeks challenges, this is now a daily lifestyle and my motivation is to remain consistant and better my previous days performance across the board.

Train hard, love life and have a truly great week! ;o)

Lia xx

Hann said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, so glad you are part of my readers.
Great post, it makes so much sense (again like always) I learn a lot from you and I'm sure by the time I'm an exercise physiologist I'll remember all these tips.
Mike sounds very clever and valuable to your training.

redcat said...

You say you approach figure prep as athletic prep and I think that's why I like your style so much, Liz. I think a lean, athletic body is going to be a beautiful body, wherever it is.

:) Lesley

combatgirl said...

I agree with you with the emotional eating part Liz. I learnt that when you feel like pigging out ask yourself "who/what are you eating at?". This really makes things so blatanly obviously.

I do this now and I am proud of myself BUT sometimes I still continue to pig out, oh well!! Such is life.

Livy said...

It is wonderful to know that even someone as fit as yourself is normal and has weaknesses just like the rest of us. I really enjoyed your post today.

Batty F said...

Thanks Liz. I understand what you're saying.

little rene said...

Very interesting reading as always Liz.

I have a very big problem with "challenges" as well. After I completed one I went completely off the rails, eating everything in sight and rebelling against exercise, which I usually really enjoy. I remember in the last week of my challenge feeling like eating a burger or pizza and because I wasn't "allowed" it I became obssessed. If I had just had a small but satisfying amount of something greasy that week I don't think that I would have gone so crazy afterwards.
I also try to just making eating well and exercising as important as showering or sleeping, it is just something that I do, and it is SUCH a relief to not feel so much pressure!
Have a great day :)