Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ramble ahead

"Getting there isn't half the fun - it's all the fun". Robert Townsend

I'm in the mood to write about fitness "challenges" tonight - and to make a small confession about them. I'm not into "challenges" as such, I'm into making fitness a permanent fixture of one's life - meaning that whether you train for two or twelve weeks, the goal is the same - to move and eat in a way that is productive for your physique, your health, your mind and your spirit! Sure you "challenge" yourself along the way with how far you can take your fitness journey, but there is really no cut off point or discrete time where you say, "my journey is finished". Like every other part of life, maintaining and improving fitness is a fluid phenomenon - there will be periods in life where other things take precedence, periods in life where you won't feel like doing it, but will make the time anyway and times in your journey where you are soaring towards peaks and great things.

In other words, enjoy the journey! You may start with one idea in mind and end up with a completely different result or perspective. Be prepared to be open to where a so called "challenge" can really take you - hopefully to the door of my Not-So-Secret Society - lifetime fitness enthusiasts - we're the ones you see running around in our Lorna Janes with sweaty faces, the ones you see at the fruit market, the ones who get up early morning after morning, train and become one with the Universe. We're a society that's always looking for new members so tie up those laces and get busy as Cathe Friedrich says!

Today's training was Mike's "Day 2" Lower Body Program and I got busy with Plate Front Squats, single leg Romanian deadlifts and "Walking Spiderman" (what I was thinking by the end was "where does "Holy Batman DOMS" come in- still sore from Tuesday). Then I decided to be even more of a lunatic and teach my RPM class straight afterwards. Ouch!

I've enjoyed a relatively clean day of eating, except for a scoop of Cookies and Cream Icecream - unfortunately the protein powder version doesn't come close (the cookie bits are so small my hubby wonders if they are mouse poo...charming man)


Hann said...

I almost thought you changed templates Liz, just different font.
Cookies and cream Ice cream sounds so yum.

Ali said...

Mouse poo!!! I love it, gotta love them don't you, gave me a giggle that's always good.

the other day my 4 year old goes, you know mum 'pause' your boobs were well bigger once 'pause" weren't they?? that gave me a good laugh as well :)

have a great day tomorrow,


Batty F said...

It's definitely an interesting topic - the pros and cons of Challenges - and there's a lot to be said. I'd be interested to hear whether your thoughts are coming in particular from your competition experience. Are Challenges even anything like that?

I feel ouch just reading your training schedule. Single-legged Romanian deadlifts and then teaching an RPM class?! Tis amazing. What amazes me further is the single scoop o cookies'n'cream! I guess they complement each other in a way...

(btw Liz, that black-on-blue is quite difficult to read, on my monitor at least. just a minor blogger's observation :-) )

Sarah said...

I have to ask, because I have never heard of them. What's a Walking Spiderman?

LizN said...

A "walking spiderman" is a hip mobility exercise and is literally as the title suggests

LizN said...

A "walking spiderman" is a hip mobility exercise and is literally as the title suggests