Wednesday, September 19, 2007


What a day!

It started off OK, practiced my Step choreo for this morning's class which went without a hitch but then got booked for speeding on the way to the gym. How does one get booked for speeding in the peak hour rush - try and take a shortcut - well my little short cut cost me 6 demerit points and a whole pile of cash - which will take several Step classes to "recover". Needless to say I was rather edgy all through step and forgot a whole stack of my choreo. Sometimes you need a "stinker" class every now and again to remind you to work harder and raise the bar somewhat.

Most of the day was spent doing jobs at Indro - had Vietnamese prawn rolls for lunch - but nutritionally my day was far from stellar, completed by a visit to the Subcontinent - Indian for dinner tonight as well as two Slim Secret bars to fill the gaps today. I did have 3 pieces of fruit today though - I'm looking forward to loading up on the veggies tomorrow. My tummy is already paying the price for such processed indulgence.

After much thought I called Fitlink and told them that I couldn't take the job - the hours were Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6-9pm and all day Saturday - which didn't make it an exactly
"family friendly" proposition. They then asked if I would prefer to work more casually (perfect!) and next week I am teaching a Postural Assessment and Core Stability unit to the Cert 4 group.

You may all wonder what the little pic of Cathe and crew is doing above. On Cathe's site ( ) you can see a six minute clip of the new DVD series. Cathe again proves that you don't need a gym to kick butt at home. I have several clients who work out at home who are proof positive of this! I will be offering the 4 Day Split for $99.95 - and free postage on this and any other DVD purchased. I will also be stocking new Tracey Staehle and Amy Bento workouts being released shortly. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Now that I've got my little advertising spiel off my chest, I had better go and check what Mike has in store for me tomorrow morning. I have the worst hamstring DOMS!

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