Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gratitude, accomplishment and having fun

Have you ever had a day where you felt extremely thankful for your life and grateful for the opportunities that you've been given? Today I have felt a real sense of gratitude for what I've been given and the opportunities I've had over this past year.

Tomorrow I turn 38, so I've been reflecting on a tumultuous year, including two Figure Comps (Qlds and Nationals), two moves (one Further into Woop Woop and one to Brisbane), the beginning of a new business, and many lessons learnt. I know there is more to come, more to learn and more to have fun with. I am so lucky that I am now doing what I love and everything is coming together slowly but surely.

I taught Bodystep today, which made me feel rather accomplished as it was my first run through this latest release since launches (for some reason I didn't end up doing a lot of Step this quarter). Mike sent me a whole lot of reading and I've immersed myself in the ins and outs of thoracic mobility and how serratus anterior gets underused and how this contributes to shoulder and hip issues.

My other news is that a week or so ago, I met somebody from one of the Fitness Training Colleges here and had a conversation with them about what I did - anyway I was contacted by them and asked if I was interested in a position as a Lecturer in Exercise Science for both the Cert III and Cert IV students - so to cut a long story short, I have an interview on Thursday with Fitlink, who are opening up a bigger campus in Brisbane. I have no idea how I'll go as I felt my resume looked pi**poor on paper, but the fact that they've still persisted in organizing an interview feels good. Who knows? I'm keeping an open mind about the whole thing.

Probably doing RPM tomorrow!


Shar said...

What an incredible year Liz!!

CONGRATS on the interview, sounds a great opportunity!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!

Shar x

Pip said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW Liz! Glad you had a great day today, hopefully a better one tomorrow LOL!


Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ! And well done on all your accomplishments and what they have led to xo

Lisa said...

Happy birthday!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Hilary said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Hilary xx

Helen said...

Wow Liz, you are on fire.
September is a busy birthday month for your families isn't it?
Have a great birthday.


Livy said...

Happy Birthday! You sound so happy and fulfilled at present, it's really wonderful! By the way, I'm sure your resume is way more impressive than you make out!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Liz,

Congrats for the interview. We need more professionals like you to guide us and to keep us in line. Have a great day.


Nic said...

Happy Birthday Liz. Good luck with the interview too - you live and breath what you teach and that means a lot. Have a great day, Nic