Monday, September 10, 2007

Trainer gets a trainer!

Ever heard of the quote "sometimes the trainer needs a trainer"?

I have decided, after several years of writing programs for myself (the last time somebody actually wrote me a program was in the prehistoric get the drift) to enlist someone else to design and help me with a training program.

Enter Mike Robertson - he is a Canadian exercise physiologist who majored in Biomechanics. He is also a strength and conditioning coach who does a lot in the powerlifting arena. Mike's speciality is "corrective exercise", that is specific training to improve movement issues - for me, this centres around my glute/hip instability and thoracic stiffness. My goal is to add more muscle, but to do it from a more functional perspective, rather than training as a bodybuilder as such. Sure we can train to add more muscle but I also want to train to be fitter, faster and stronger in every way.

I'm nervous and excited at the same time - I haven't been accountable to someone with my training for so long and I'm looking forward to soaking up all of Mike's expertise in this area. He has released two DVDs - one called Magnificent Mobility and another called Inside Out Training (all about upper body mobility and strengthening).

Training today: teach RPM

PS - Thanks to those who replied on the baking issue. I'll keep you posted!


Kek said...

Sounds like a great idea to me, Liz. I'm thinking about getting a trainer again myself. It's always good to be accountable to someone else. And writing your own programs - bah!

Lisa said...

I can't wait to see what you learn from Mike - HUGE vested interest of course!

combatgirl said...

Hey Liz,

Nothing wrong with getting a trainer. I have had one for 4 years and this makes me not only accountable, but ensures I get my training in at least once a week AND I have someone to spot me so I can go heavy with chest!!

Good luck with yours, he sounds awesome.


Hann said...

Let us know how it went.
Catching up on reading again, will read more later, got Human Anatomy exam lurking.

Ali said...

Thats great liz! you can always learn from others can't you, You will love it no far as your baking goes I can so relate and so could my kids, I bake occasionally, things I can take or leave though but I never make cheese cake if I am dieting anymore!!!!

can't wait to hear how you go with your trainer!!