Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bursting the bubble

Gosh so many of you have written and said such nice things about me - it's time to let you in on the truth that I have definitely had some demons over the whole transformation journey. The major demons I have had to face are emotional eating and dealing with trigger foods/situations. The Leanness Lifestyle book sums up a trigger food pretty well ...

"where one bite is too many and a thousand are never enough"

Most people that have issues with food usually have a trigger food/situation and I am no different. For the most part, I keep it under control, but this week poses a particular challenge.

My "trigger" is baking - yep, that's right, baking. I could go hog wild on both my finished product or the batter that turns into my cakes, biscuits - cookies for the Americans and pies :) This week I have to bake three birthday cakes - Miss G's birthday is on Sunday, Hub's birthday was on Saturday, but I'm expecting him home on Miss G's birthday and cupcakes for the kindy. Ugh. I am actually thinking of buying them this year to avoid a trigger episode. I get around this trigger by purposely not baking any more. Surprisingly, chocolate is not a trigger for me. I'm one of those irritating people that can take a week or more to eat a block of chocolate.

It's been a rough day in other ways - Miss G has developed an ear infection and I spend a good couple of hours today at a 24 hour Medical Centre getting her seen to. Then I had RPM in the afternoon which was a welcome respite from the events of the weekend - unwell cranky children are never any fun - really caned it too - average HR 153, max 171 - woohoo! I also trained my shoulders - I'm committing to train at least one body part when I go and teach classes, that way all my training gets fitted in. I have quite a heavy class load this week, so will have to be mindful of pushing those weights in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

I am not surprised to read that you are only human like the rest of us. As you said though it's about keeping it under control. You are a great role model so keep up the good work.

In relation to all the baking, if you aren't too keen on chocolate how about making chocolate cup cakes and a choc cake for hubby. Personally I find that if I bake something, after having seen what goes into the dish, I won't eat it. Maybe as you are making the sweets really look and think about every ingredient and see if that changes your perception. Otherwise just buy the stuff and don't even put yourself under that pressure.

Hope your daughter gets better, there's nothing worse than an ear infection, it hurts!

Stay strong and keep on inspiring us, you are doing great.


LizN said...

Thanks for the ideas Combatgirl :) I think I'm just best buying all the stuff and not even going there :)

Liz N

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan, just buy stuff that DOES NOT appeal to you and you will be fine. For my hubby's bday last week I bought Krispy Kreme donuts. Even though I wanted something sweet I just couldn't bring myself to eat them. I had a bite and I nearly threw it up. This works for me.

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

As you've probably already gathered, I also have big problems with emotional eating. My foods/triggers feel like they're a mile long. Its really been a struggle throughout my prep and will continue to be right up to comp day I think.

Thanks for your post though. Every little bit helps.


Michelle said...

Hi Liz!

I totally hear you when it comes to baking - I have to taste test everything when I bake. I end up only making half a batch of biscuits because I've eaten half the dough!

I hope Miss G gets better.



Hilary said...

I have a problem with boredom eating - so I have to stay busy otherwise DANGER!!

So many of us have food issues, and strangely it seems to be mostly the women. My OH cant understand it at all, for him, food is fuel. And quite often, he forgets to eat, which I cant understand at all!!

Sounds like buying the baked goods might be the solution. You probably really enjoy baking too, which wouldn't help!

Hilary xx

little rene said...

I have also always struggled with emotional eating but strangely enough my triggers are not actually food related but activities that I have come to associate with relaxing.

So everytime I get onto the computer I feel like eating a Trident Thai Soup (these are my MAJOR addiction) and I can chow through 3 packets whilst browsing.

Also readingn is a problem for me. When I want to sit down and read a great book or a new trashy mag, I feel the need to be nibbling and often eat a whole lot more than I need because I want to sustain the pleasure and relaxation that I feel.

Weird aren't I?

LizN said...

Thanks girls for your support and comments. It's amazing how we all have our little eating challenges!

Hilary - DH is the same as yours :)
Rene: I don't think you're at all weird - bring on the trashy mags :)
Michelle - didn't realize you kept a blog, I've linked you up

Liz n

Lisa said...

Hi Liz,

lucky for me i am the world's worst cook - so no problem with baking myself. However I do have to be very disciplined when I visit Mum on the farm.

Kek said...

Ah, again we could be twins. I love baking, but just don't do it any more, because I know I'll end up eating way more than my fair share. More than everyone's fair share, really. :-/