Sunday, September 02, 2007

Eating a Small Pony

"Skwigg" referred to the fact that she's been eating so much she could devour a small pony and I feel like I am headed in this direction myself. I have increased my calories faster than what Precision Nutrition suggested for a "metabolic reset" and I have been absolutely ravenous! I hope this means that my metabolism has "woken" up further. I haven't weighed myself, nor measured anything - though I did log my food on a few days - yesterday's effort was in the vicinity of 1900 calories which I'm pretty pleased with. Visually I look no different and a few people have asked me if I've actually lost weight (gotta love that!)

The girls and I met my parents at Indro to have a Father's Day get together and cup of coffee which was very nice. Now I'm going to take the girls to the park for some bike riding and fresh air. It's a bit flat without DH around though. I have spoken to him though, he arrived in Cape Town on Friday evening and restarts his course at University of Stellenbosch on Monday.


Sara said...

Hi Liz, thanks for dropping by my blog. I know, it's scary how much food I'm putting away! I've got no idea how much I weigh either. I'm trying to forget about those numbers for a while and just focus on doing the right thing, PN-wise and training like a madwoman.

Splice said...

Hi Liz!
How nice is it to eat more calories without the guilt!
Hope it continues to be a successful process.