Friday, September 07, 2007

Feel like I've just sat an exam!

Yes, that's right - I'm "coming down" from teaching my first "Core" class today - I had the Cluster Group Fitness Coordinator filming me, I taught with the club GFC (that was no problem, we are great mates), the Club PTC (Personal Training Coordinator) came as well as one of the other PTs that has done the course. Not to mention forty seven other participants!

I'm not terribly gifted in the Public Speaking area, though as I get older (like a good wine), I am improving. I had to give a 20 minute talk about the class and what message we were trying to get BOSU safety, how to activate transversus abdominus, multifudus etc. Luckily my background of having a dinky SIJ (and several thousands of dollars spent on physio) has given me some foolproof ways of teaching people to activate TA, so overall I did well there.

Then it was onto the actual workout and whilst I made a few choreo errors, they weren't noticeable and we came through in the end. I was pretty nervous at the beginning and I felt such a sense of relief when it was over and dizzy with the triumph that I nearly remembered everything :)

Did I mention I have BOSU DOMS? Yikes!


Shar said...

WOW LIZ, wht alot of pressure that must have been!!!

I hate learning my chorie, I put so much pressure on myself, I have to be so sure of it and deliver it to the letter, oherwise I get so disappointed! Perhaps another area I need to realize that we can' be perfect all the time!! :)

Good to hear it went well though.

Shar x

Lisa said...

I'd be very interested in this class. When and where do you treach it?


Livy said...

Brains, looks, body to die for and the ability to public speak? My goodness woman, the world is your oyster!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did great Liz. Wish you were based in Melbourne so I could come along to one of your classes. 47 participants!! THAT ROCKS!!


little rene said...

You really are a human dynamo Liz!

Is there anything that you cannot do? (Don't answer this question, I don't want my illusions shattered LOL!)