Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An hour of madness

I have a wonderful client who a few weeks ago described a program that I had sent to her as "two pages of madness". That had me in stitches for quite a few days. Then the opportunity came up to teach a freestyle "X Training" class and I wondered how I could create an hour of sheer madness - so I put my thinking cap on and came up with a doozy this morning.

Coming from a freestyle teaching background, I had to make sure everything worked into my 32 count music.

The class went like this:

a) HiLo warm up, including sports drills
b) 3 rounds of various drills with recoveries
c) 3 rounds of high intensity Combat style drills
d) Cardio routine on the BOSU with combat drills
e) Squat track
f) Deadlift/upper body sequence
g) 5 minutes of bust-a-gut cardio madness
h) Pilates style ab training with the BOSU/hamstring training on BOSU
i) Cool down.

I had a lot of fun and we were all very hot and sweaty at the end. The rest of the day was spent on domestic duties. Now I'm all ready to go and watch
THe Chaser


Lia Halsall said...

You sound positively evil. LOL!! ;o)

combatgirl said...

I agree with Lia, LOL!! xx

Tara's Journey said...

makes my body ache just reading it :p

Hey Liz are u going to Chandler next weekend?

RaeC said...

Yeeowch!! That sounds like a killer class... LOL!! With regards to Facebook, I've had so many invites, but just haven't had time to get on it... maybe after comp... LOL!! Have a great weekend hon xxx