Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bodystep madness

This is what we do when we have Les Mills launches at Fitness First - this was Luke and I doing our Bodystep launch - the theme was "Angels and Devils" - Luke is very angelic, don't you think? Me, I was having a "devil" of a time trying to keep my wig out of my teeth and my horns from falling off!!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate them! It's a bit weird without DH at home for our "birthday week" - he was on Saturday, I'm today and Miss G is on Sunday! I did scare him a little on Monday when I said something about birthdays and he panicked a bit thinking he'd missed my birthday with the time zone changes etc. I would have really enjoyed letting him know he'd forgotten my birthday for the rest of his existence - meanwhile he is breathing a sigh of relief that he really did remember!

I did end up doing RPM and team teaching with John and Lisa (who is a new recruit). Poor Lisa had to strut her stuff sandwiched between "Team Sweaty" John and myself.

Anyway my next move is the interview tomorrow and somewhere in there I have to my a computer mouse - mine is "cactus" and is driving me crazy :)


Splice said...

Happy Birthday Liz!!!
Hope all is well.
Thank you for your lovely comment and yes I'm feeling fantastic again, just a minor slip is want im calling it lol.
Can't wait to catch up with you again sometime.

Janew said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!!I hope you have the most fabulous day :)

*birthday hugs* jane

Kek said...

Belated birthday wishes! And good luck with the interview - you'd be a great lecturer!

Batty F said...

Many happy returns Liz. That's an amazing Virgoan trinity dynasty!

Di Broeren said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ! Hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones : )


Tara's Journey said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Liz, Hope that you had a wonderful day :)

Lia Halsall said...

So c'mon, you know I'm waiting to hear all about your birthday and what you got? *hint hint* Subtle aren't I Liz. LOL!!

Ali said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! for the other day!!


combatgirl said...

Me too!!(re what you got for your bday)

You look too cute in that outfit Liz. xx

little rene said...


Hope you have an awesome year with DH and the georgous girls :)