Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What's different today?

Thanks to all for the kick in the pants to get going and do this comp! I woke up this morning to a visit from the "wrong way, dickhead Leprechaun" but all the signs are there that I'm visibly leaner. I believe that by using the scale and your body as a guide you get to learn an awful lot - so I just did the scale cackle and am looking forward to a drop later in the week.

The only thing that I did differently from yesterday when I hadn't made the decision to forge ahead, was visualize myself looking really lean and stage ready. I picked up a great saying from Dave Greenwalt , who sourced it from Ernest Nightingale - "you become what you think about most".

Competition nutrition was no different from my daily nutrition - until I have the swelling issue resolved, I'm sticking with paleo style nutrition. I'm really enjoying it at the moment and will stick with it until I decide that I'm in need of a little Dirty Diana.

Got my training in and a bit of Bodystep practice, now off to bed. All in all, a successful day.


Kek said...


Or something like that....

Jadey said...

Wohoo Lizzy! Can't wait to watch you compete!! Good on you hon. You are going to look fabulous! Jadey xxx