Friday, March 06, 2009

A week already?

I can't believe an entire week has passed and it's only 9 weeks until the INBA comp. I've done pretty well on all training and eating fronts this week - chowing down lots of good food and trying to fit in some training where I can. My left shoulder is bothering me but my magic physio, Louise, has really helped get things moving in the right direction. I did a little chest workout yesterday and I caned my back this morning in 15 minutes flat after a bit of a run. Weight has inched down by 400g - so right on track for a fantastic next week. Bring it on!

Photo above is Miss J, me, and Mrs W (who shall remain nameless for now ) after last week's Bodystep and RPM launches. The two steppers looked far more exciting than Miss Bland RPM did! I got my chance to teach Step on Thursday - new release - started off a bit nervous but really got into it by track 4.


ss2306 said...

Don't rip me off love. It's 10 weeks will INBA isn't it?

LizN said...

I looked at Katie's counter - looks like I've stuffed up , got an extra week up our sleeves after all!


Stephanie Davis said...

i wonder if the whole 10 weeks will fly- go hard Liz! ps Mrs W rocks! used to take her step classes