Monday, March 09, 2009

A date gives you incentive..

I'm off to train my legs this morning. Those of you that know me well would have heard me complain about how much I dislike leg DOMS - however, I have a date with a bikini now, so I'm going to forge ahead with the job regardless. It's funny how I can handle (and actually don't mind) upper body DOMS but lower body...not so much fun for me.

Today I am grateful for some inner peace that has been a long time coming. I feel at one with the world and connected to my higher purpose. I know who I am and the role that I play so well and I am grateful for all of the clients who put their trust in me in their journeys to get lean, get strong and to love their lives as well.

Interestingly enough I think my peace has not come from some magic psychological revelation but from eliminating gluten and its close relatives from my diet. Over the weekend I have been researching food allergies as they relate to weight loss and it seems to be consistent that those who have wild spikes in scale weight may have allergies and intolerances to certain foods. It's not the first time I have had trouble with gluten - I was hospitalized in 2004 for suspected inflammatory bowel disease and as soon as I took out the gluten (not even consciously - I just gravitated towards more vegetables), my tummy improved dramatically. Now with the swelling and fluid retention I have been having lately, I've noticed a positive correlation between my Paleo meanderings and lack of swelling and retention. The one serve of grains I have are gluten free. It's all rather interesting - another thing that was discussed was allergies affecting the brain as a site and therefore having an effect on mood. This has been the most interesting aspect of the whole shebang as I feel that a light fog has been lifted from my brain.

That is not to say that I'm never going to be a Dirty Diana - quite the opposite. I always did well with any treat meal that doesn't contain processed flour etc - for example the chocolate flourless cake I had at Freestyle with the girls did not affect me one iota - neither does icecream. However at the moment, I will keep embracing my Paleo lifestyle until the swelling is completely gone - it's a lot of vegetables, but it's really not a chore or bad news when the results it gives you makes you feel sensational! And, yes, I've even had a nice little scale drop over the weekend which is an added bonus!


KatieP said...

Snap - posted the same thing, except sadly I suspect my intolerance is too many vegies and nuts :(

little rene said...

I can certainly relate to your feeling regarding lower body DOMS! I am exactly the same. I almost crave the soreness in my upper body. I LOVE it! But I can't handle it in my legs :(

Hopefully I will join your list of happy clients in the near future when Hubby stops being a tightwad! (Just joking he is pretty generous and I guess we have to have limits!)

Have a great day :)

Kerry W said...

Hi Liz

I'm the opposite, love DOMS in my legs, but am 'meh' about upper body DOMS, as we use the upper body for so much (derr...just realised what I'd said...yeah use the legs alot too I know, but for some reason love that feeling in my legs!).

Andrea said...

I definitely agree with you about havign a 'date' in the future that you are working towards. It makes a big difference.

I found the same thing when I was eating mostly GF - especially with the headspace and bloating.


Lia Halsall said...

A chocolate flourless cake, I've always wanted to try one Liz. Maybe I should in the future as an alternative to one with processed flour, thanks for the idea. ;o)

Lia xxx

Lia Halsall said...

I found a recipe for one in my Teressa Cutter 80/20 Cookbook, I'm off to the supermarket now to pick up a couple of ingredients and I'm going to try her recipe out.

I can't stop thinking about it no Liz. LOL!!

Em said...

Good on you hun :)

Nancy Navarrette said...

Liz -

Just read this. I was dx'ed with IBD (specifically, ulcerative colitis) in 1996 and suffered terribly for ten years before I became committed to the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) as created by Elaine Gottschall. Essentially boils down to not eating anything that isn't a monosaccharide (sp?). Di-saccharides and poly-saccharides are no-no's - that means no rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, or sugar, just to name the main culprits.

I'm able to tolerate going off-menu in small doses, but when I first switched over I was absolutely strict for six months. I eat fruits, veggies, meat and fish, seeds, nuts, cheese, butter, homemade yogurt, and honey - no liquid milk products. And black beans. That's about it. Salad dressing is EVOO and vinegar or a mix of no-sugar mayo, stone ground mustard, and honey.

The SCD is promoted as a way of managing IBD, plus other conditions. It's a miracle, I can't praise it highly enough. I was soooooo sick before and spent my weekends in bed and I was just getting worse and was in terrible pain. Now I have no pain, have decreased my meds, and kick a$$, energy-wise. I think my descent into IBD-hell was precipitated by my 1994 foray into low-fat eating -- I lived on bagels and all manner of grain-based items.

'Eat Well, Feel Well' and 'Grain-free Gourmet' are two good IBD cookbooks.