Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy As!

Gosh, seems like the weeks are flying by these days - just stopping in for a quick blog before diving into the week with a vengeance. Everything is going pretty well, catching up on all the boring things like housework over the weekend and giving good old Gollum a bit of a slap at the same time.

Sometimes we're way too easy on ourselves under the guise of being "kind" to ourselves. For me, trolling my way around the pantry because I'm bored and picking here and there is not being kind to me, nor is it inducing me to perform better fitness wise. I guess, because I am taking such strong action at the moment that these sorts of thoughts bubble to the surface.

One of my fellow LLers, Mary L has a great way of looking at so called "hunger".
1) This is not real.... truly "starving" and I wouldn't be living in a first world country
2) This situation is temporary and will pass. You will eat again...
3) I am in control
4) There are alternatives to this behaviour. This is where the phone-a-friend strategy can work really well as can going for a walk, driving etc.

The amazing thing, when I troll for food, I'm not hungry, I'm bored and procrastinating about something - I open the door for Gollum to get in and tell me I need a "treat". Bugger that-am off to fold my washing right now!

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little rene said...

Hey Liz

You look great in the below photo! Keep up the hard training :)

My MIL drives me fickin' nuts with the old "Be kind to yourself" bollocks! If I followed her advice I would never do any exercise and I would just sit around shovelling comfort food into my face all day!

Sometimes I think that we all need to give ourselves a good kick up the ass and be a bit nasty to our inner Gollums!