Monday, March 23, 2009

I know I said I was busy...

I know I said I was busy, but I'm taking a break from being the House Cleaning Gnome to write about my latest news. We're building a house! It's been a long time coming as we originally purchased our land to build on in 2006, just before we got shipped off to Woop Woop - it's a lovely big block with views of the city - even if the city is a little further away than we'd like. It has been 'touch and go' as to whether we would ever build with the exploding real estate market and cost of building and then the subsequent crash. My hubby works for a mining company that recently laid off 20% of its workforce - so we had to wait and see whether we would be lucky and stay employed, or be made redundant - we were incredibly fortunate that his old job was made redundant, but that he was offered another position within the company so we are OK. It has been incredibly stressful and my heart goes out to those who haven't been as fortunate with employment as we have.

Anyway, we finally (after a false start) decided on a builder - IDH, or Individually Designed Homes - they have been tremendously helpful thus far. We have designed our own home and have been having fun choosing various things like appliances, flooring and carpet. We have decided to go with Miele appliances, expensive but we've never had any of our Miele stuff in our other houses kick the bucket - I'm rather looking forward to cooking with fantastic appliances again. The gas cooktop we've chosen even has a rather nifty wok burner which is going to get some good workouts I am sure! Hmm what else - we're going to invest in solid timber floors (another dream of mine ) - can't wait. I guess I will have to start a house blog shortly once the council plans for house and pool (yes, we're doing the pool now too because there will be limited access later) are approved.

Thank you to everyone who posted comments about my photos - as I said in my earlier posts, I didn't know if I wanted to compete or even mention it on my blog - but the support and encouragement I have received has been gratefully received at this end. It really helps to know that when you're not feeling willing, you can write a blog and somebody will be along to give you a kick in the pants.

Have had a pretty good training session today and did what I call a post shoulder PB on the bench press this morning (did 3 x10 @ 35kg) - I cannot believe that six months ago I couldn't even trace the movement with my hands!

Am looking forward to salmon and asparagus for lunch - may do both on the BBQ - this sort of food may sound plain to some, but it is simple and delicious.

Anyway, back to work - life is good!


Kristy said...

WOW Liz that is exciting. It is so exciting picking everything for your own place, but it seems to take forever for anything to happen. Slab has been down for ages and they have only just started the frames last week. I'm trying to decide whether to go down and check it out. Not sure if anything will of happened or not.

I look forward to you house blog when it gets started

Nancy N. said...

Very exciting, Liz! Good luck to you! Am interested in seeing your progress.

ss2306 said...

Wow, how exciting!

Nice job on the benching.

I've eaten so much asparagus in the past couple of days my pee stinks really badly!

Salmon - yuk!

Shar said...

Very Exciting Liz, good luck with it all and yes, start a house blog!! More blogs the merrier I say.

Shar x

Kek said...

Looking forward to house plans, photos and all the little details.

Let's hope your build goes a lot more smoothly than ours did.

Em said...

WOW hun, good luck with building :)

You look amazing in your pics, you sure will be stunning on stage!

Keep up the good work hun :)