Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catch up and questions!

Whew, much busier week than I had anticipated -every time I had a chance to write a post, something came up.

Got in a decent amount of training in by my standards, including a fantastic de dorking by Miss Jo - my posing is pretty rusty but it was a lot of fun to go through it again, accompanied by the beautiful Miss Selina. All good! I've enjoyed five days of maintenance and beyond calories - still mainly Paleo eating ( there was a yummy Vietnamese rice paper roll in there on Thursday) but just a whole lot more - am just loving it right now. This week has been one of visual change but not much scale movement, even had a spike-a-roo in there. Going into the six week out mark is the next sign that the foot is firmly planted on the accelerator this week. I've had a lot of recovery over the weekend as well and I'm ready for this next phase. Then it will be determining when and where to have a planned indulgence meal. I'm thinking of taking hubby out to Vietnamese again - it really is delicious!

Now on a totally unrelated topic, I would love it if you could all post your comments on this blog telling me what you think of sending your kids to a private school vs a government school. We are at the stage of deciding on secondary education for our girls. I went to a government school for primary and a private girls' school for secondary (Catholic school). Although I am Catholic, I don't feel like it deepened my faith in God. I feel that this sort of thing comes from how you live at home.

I'm more interested in my girls having the opportunity to be able to do and learn what they need to in order to be successful in their chosen career path/s - which was one thing my school I'm considering Grammar schools, which I believe are more focused on academic achievement. My eldest daughter is quite good academically (and is in a gifted/talent project at school right now).
If anyone has been to Brisbane Girls Grammar or Ipswich Girls' Grammar please post your experiences. I would find it really helpful. We also have a government school nearby with an excellent reputation except the number at the school is well over 1000 students. The cost of sending them to the Grammar schools is in excess of $10K per year, so we want to know that we're making the best decision for them. So if anyone can weigh in, I would so appreciate it.


Cherub said...

Sorry - I can't help with your decision except maybe to let you know that we are having the same issue. I always thought I wanted my kids to go to the nearest government school. I want them to be able to work hard at school and then hang locally with mates, I think friends are a very important part of growing up and sometimes children travel a long way from home to get to private school. As the decision gets closer though, it is getting harder to make. Sometimes I wish I didn't have the choice.

I am very interested to read other comments.

Thanks Liz for your comments on Saturday.

emharvie said...

Hi Liz! My brother and I both went to a private high school - one of the reasons being that the local high school was so large. Benefits we had included smaller school, smaller class sizes, accelerated learning programs, enormous number of co-curricular activites (sport, music, drama, art, photography). In year 12 our teachers even let us work in the art dept through the school holidays for our end of year assessments. If I could afford it, I would send my kids to a similar school (no that I have kids!)

Stephanie Davis said...

Hi Liz,
I'll put my opinion out there for you to consider- I think if a public school is reputable, has experienced teachers, good resources and a history of performing well academically it has no disadvantage whatsoever than a private school. I graduated from a large Year 12 group (just over 200 students) Kenmore SHS in 2002, which had all of the above with only an average social reputation! My year did extremely well, beating most private schools in brisbane in terms of results due to well established resources and excellent teachers. I would feel no guilt in sending my child to a public school, even if both had the same price tag! I also see no point of single sex schooling. Of course it all depends on the child as well. I think if your child is academically inclined they will flourish just as much at a public school. The only thing of concern is influence from peer groups- and there is no controlling that by choice of school!!
Hard decision, im sure you'll know what's best for your family.
steph xx

Michelle Koen said...

Hi Liz,
I went to a government school and came out alright! Actually I went to a grammar primary school for a few years too. Weird place!

Seriously, a lot of my besties went to some of the top private schools in ADL and all told me I had more choice in subjects etc at my gov. school than they ever did. If your eldest is already academically up there I'm not sure the expense is needed.
My boss' daughter (who is now part time receptionist while at uni) just finished at a top private school and she seems so much less independent and a bit shocked by her transition to uni than I remember being. Food for thought.

Also, thinking of doing that BB order soon.

Magda said...


my son is in a private school. Its expensive but well worth every cent when we consider the school's attention to detail and the opportunities he gets that state schools dont offer at his age. There are good state schools but they'd be struggling to match the results, reputations and such of the private schools.



Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Coach
My kid went to private school. Again like you, it was an anglican and nor did that rub off on him in any bad way. But I will say this, even though his entire schooling cost me $75000 (yep, trust an accountant to keep track) he is just leaps and bounds ahead of others his age. He has developed unbelievalbe leadership skills, it still astounds me. I compare him to his cousin, who is only 6 months older than him, I would honestly say (not being nasty either) but Chris is well in advance in maturity and intellectual. I went to both a private and public high school, and even back then, there were far more opportunities academically in the private than the public. Anyway your food for thought. I say, If you can afford it, go for it. xxDoris