Saturday, March 07, 2009

Exercise High

Have you ever had a workout where you felt the stars, moon and all the cosmos line up in perfect harmony and you are at one with the task that is ahead of you? That was my RPM class this morning - I don't know if it is the effects of the Paleo eating or just that I "broke" through a personal barrier this morning but I just taught the best class ever. My coaching was right on song and my energy on the bike was fantastic today - not to mention that every single participant rode like a demon - it was if we were all one and just giving the whole shebang a massive hit out! I am so grateful for this light after the few weeks I've had of not-so-stellar anything with the weird swelling and achy joints going on.

Followed it up by a new client assessment and some gorgeous Paleo fruits to get my carb intake up after class (I'm embracing my inner Paleo princess). Now off to chill out and read the newspaper - it's amazing how well some of us fitness nuts can go into full on sloth mode - I do a pretty good job of it!


Kek said...

Love your work. ;o)

As for sloth mode.... after training clients, then trashing my legs this morning, I feel a nap coming on.

Magda said...


those sessions just ROCK and I love that feeling of 100% pure joy when you have one. And the best bit is that afterwards you've EARNED the right to sloth it with the best of em.

:-) Magda

Michelle said...

Yeah Baby!! Sounds like you were in the zone!

I hear you re sloth mode. I can go into that no sweat at all.

Have a great weekend!

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