Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Vibrations

Today I'm as "happy as a pig in mud" - put in a good solid morning trained 5 clients, and then had a very relaxing lunch with Lisa , ate Vietnamese (as per usual) and followed it up by two big mugs of English Breakfast tea, which fit the bill perfectly as it's been rainy and overcast here - it also seems as if the peeps in the shopping centre have turned up the aircon in the bid to encourage shoppers to buy winter woollies, we were all marvelling at how chilly it was inside Indro today. I missed my training today, but I am not too concerned as I am teaching double RPM tomorrow morning with Bronwyn for our St Patrick's Day open weekend at the gym. After a day off and a good rest, I think I will be jumping out of my skin at the prospect of a double whacker. I've added in glutamine now which has been making a difference to energy levels and recovery as well - I went to the supplement shop and asked for the cheapest, nastiest glutamine that was on the shelf :)

I'm also really excited because I'm going to FILEX on the 17th April and sharing an apartment with Kerryn - Selina and Amanda will also be around and I'll get to do the new Les Mills releases at the Super Workshop on the Sunday...woohoo!!! It all started yesterday when I got an unexpected delivery in the mail from Kerryn - see above. I think that I must have been channelling some Dirty Diana vibes to her and I see that it was mailed well before "Supersets" week (which I'm looking forward to next week, girls - after all I have to take my own medicine!)
So I'm looking forward to having a little date with Di later on tonight with hubs before hiding the chocolate away from him until next time..thanks Kerryn, made my day!! We got talking about FILEX and I thought to myself "I really should go...", then there is a wall post from Selina on Facebook "you really should go.." and then Kerryn going as well and there it was the old "three signs that that's it, I must sign up!" scenario. It's only 4 weeks away and I am really looking forward to it.

Off to cook dinner, I feel some chicken and vegetables tonight..yum..yum!


Kek said...

Haha!! Selina and I cooked up an evil plot to get you to Filex - and it worked! :o)

Re the surprise choccies, you're very welcome. Just a teensy token of appreciation for all the hard work you put into helping me.

Hide them well!

MTB Girl said...

Can't wait to see you!

KatieP said...

Would love love love to catch up with you for a chamomile tea when you're here. Name a time and a place and I'll be there. x

Anonymous said...

I thought I recognised that chocolate, Koko Black. Our favourite.... *hmmm* :o)

Lia xxx