Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's thoughts

Thursday is the day that I teach Bodystep at Fitness First. As I have previously blogged, I have only just started teaching Step again after a looong layoff and I am loving it! It's such a departure from the usual training I do and classes I teach ( I know my RPM class wouldn't be too enthused if I started adding armlines) , it's got some real fun factor going on. Plus connecting with the other Step instructors (most of whom do other programs like Pump and Bodyjam) has been a hoot.

In terms of competition preparation I've just been humming along and doing what I can, whilst accepting what I can't do - brings the old "do your best and forget the rest" Tony Horton mantra to the surface. I have noticed some changes in the old lean-o-meter this week and wish that I had more muscle - I think I've been looking at pictures of all those pro IFBB girls, some of who I'm sure have pharmaceutical help as well as hard training under their belts. However, I'm a firm believer in competing naturally, so I'll leave it there.

I have to work hard at my leanness, particularly at the beginning of any prep before anything happens. That is my pattern and the good drops I'm reporting are a culmination of all of the work that has gone beforehand rather than it being suddenly the event of the day. Now I've broken through with the initial good loss, based on my own past experience, I should be able to cruise in and put in some maintenance weeks which is nice. I heard a great quote this morning: " Many of life's failures are those people who were so close to success and gave up". Can't remember who it was by but it's a good one to have by you when things aren't running as you'd like them (for me, more often than not!)


Kerry W said...

You're going great Liz! I'm enjoying your 'comp progress reports'.

What comp are you aiming for BTW? You may have mentioned it already, but if it's in Brissy or Gold Coast, I'd love to come and see you on stage! We have an IBO girl entering INBL? in May at Chandler, I think (?).

Oh! Thanks for the encouragement on the LJ wear. I do love her stuff, though I can't really afford it at normal cost very often, so I'm always watching out for specials.

Ciao...Kerry :)

LizN said...

Hi Kerry,
That would be awesome - planning on the INBA Brissys and ANB Asia Pacific.


Em said...

Sounds like everything is sailing along nicely.
I like that you go natural, it shows that with the right attitude and the right food/training you can pull off alot all on your own!
Your grit and determination will see you go far hun :)

Frankie said...

Yep..natural is just perfect. (Been watching "better faster strong"...or whatever the name is).

Love the two quotes and am aiming the directly at my head this morning!

jodie said...

hey Liz I love that 2nd quote, sooo true, people are often just too quick to give up... Still love reading your blog! take care