Thursday, March 19, 2009

Started with a Little Kiss, like this...

Seeing Kerryn is "Walking This Way", thought I would keep adding to the lyrics!

Taught Bodystep this morning - woohoo!!!! and trained my puny chest - it hasn't had any work for well over a year due to injury and surgery - so I gave my pecs a good reminder of where they were this morning - just home now with a belly full of oats and Melbourne Breakfast tea, so all is nice in my Universe right now. Meeting Miss Shelley for lunch - judging by her blog I'll be looking for the chick with the big guns :)

Anyway, who loves the rock band "Kiss"? I just think hairy men with make up are classic!


Kerry W said...

I was in love with Paul Stanley, and my fav KISS song was 'I was Made for Lovin' You'. Hubby wanted to play that as our bridal't happen of course (luckily).

Carolyn said...

But I think you knew that anyway... :D
I can't resist a man with long hair and spandex ;)

Kek said...

Nah, Kiss never did it for me, but I do love that Aerosmith song ....good to sing along to during cardio. Maybe that's why I get those funny looks?