Friday, November 28, 2008

Weekly Wrap Up

It's hard to believe the room this photo was taken in was pitch black at the time - here I am teaching Track 3 in RPM last Saturday. I desperately need a tan!

It's been a quiet day, poor old Miss S has been feeling under the weather, so a day off school was in order. I was grateful for the respite in personal training which has been pretty hectic in the last month. I've found myself gravitating towards taking less clients and my day often looks like
a) train one or two clients b) my own workout (about an hour) then c) train 3 more clients and done for the day. Even though I have been falling into this pattern, I've been feeling desperately tired and last night, knowing that I didn't have to get up at 4.45am slept in until 8am! I keep underestimating the power of sleep - felt a bit crazy this morning, but will feel even better when I get another good night in under my belt. I'm lucky in that when I do sleep I sleep extremely well, am rarely up in the night and normally wake naturally before my alarm.

On the training and nutrition side of things, I knocked out a killer workout during the week and have just recovered now and I'm looking forward to teaching RPM again in the morning. I usually have a 40 minute spin at home pre class - this has really been helping me feel nice and warm and feeling ready to hit it hard. Nutritionally speaking, a bit of a topsy turvy weekend saw me paddling back to where I started the week from. This week has been a little bit better and I'm sure I'll see that monster drop I keep talking about any day soon. I'm currently sitting on 61kg and my happy weight is 58-59kg so a little bit to go still.


Shannon said...

Hey Liz!

Gotta love a good sleep in. Makes a big difference to your day. No wonder you have been tired with all your killer work-outs and clients :) See you soon xx

PS- Good to see you smiling in your RPM pic... I know how much you enjoy dishing out the torture :)

Michelle said...

Nothing wrong with being pasty white. LOL!! Just make sure your tan comes from a bottle rather than the sun or solarium.