Saturday, November 08, 2008

Paarty girl

This is an extremely rare once a year photo of Yours Truly (and the gorgeous Hubster) in high heels. We had Hubby's work Christmas function which had a cocktail theme. As I may have blogged previously, buying cocktail dresses fills me with dread, but I quite liked wearing this little number. I have to admit that as soon as we hopped into the car to come home the heels were whipped off straightaway (I didn't want to encourage my poor posture any further). Had a fun evening and went to bed too late. Even allowed myself a half hour sleep in before RPM HiPerformance this morning.

Had a great class and got to see Tara and Rob - I tied Tara up with a resistance band which I'm sure she was impressed with - but our mission is to get freaky massive over the next year so the foundations of her squat and deadlift technique have to be hunky dory. Nothing worse than training like a demon only to injure yourself before the event and have to miss out!

We also had morning tea with Shelley at the Vietnamese and now I'm hope and thinking that a little nap may be in order. It felt great after being so sick to give the bike a good smashing!


ss2306 said...

Woof whistle!

You look gorgeous!

Smokin' HOT.

Nicole P said...

Whoa! Who's the sexy minx??? I love your hair spike up like that too :)

stephmd said...

swish! looking great Liz! Im not much of a high heels girl lately either but dressing up is fun occasionally! hehe.
Meanwhile I am liking your goal- freaky massive, that's awesome.

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Nice cocktail dress.......Looks good on you coach!

katiep said...

you look gorgeous - especially the new 'girls'

Alison said...

what a gorgeous couple ;) Lovely pic

Ali xx

Carolyn said...

Great photo Liz!

I wanna get heeewge to this year - just gotta get these ankles happening though!!
Talk soon,
Carolyn xx

tigana said...

you look fab, Liz :)