Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For The Love of Oats

Have just finished teaching my first RPM class of the day and have just had "second breakfast" - yes Shelley, that is 80g of oats in total :). I am just about to go and teach my second RPM class and am ready to cane it! I was asked to teach the second class yesterday and told John that I would love to because it would mean that I get "second breakfast" of my favourite, oats and protein powder. I've also snuck in some caffeine pre second class - caffeine is an excellent fat mobilizer and will help push my weight/fat loss along a little more. Went to my new low this morning, unflattering FF personal training pants are getting a little bit baggy - bring it on!

PS I came across a great blog with the same title. (the oats, that is)


stephmd said...

I LOVE oats too Liz. Check out if you haven't already- this girl is an amazing cook and has a "Tribute to Oatmeal" post with about a zillion flavour combos!

ss2306 said...

Excellent work on all counts Coach!