Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the grip of my inferior function

This title sounds a bit odd but what the inferior function refers to in Myer Briggs terminology is the opposing side of your dominant function (ie the way you prefer to behave). My dominant function or way of behaving leans towards being more introverted/introspective (though I break to teach RPM, there's always gotta be a little bit of show pony in you if you're a group fitness instructor), intuitive and more fluid/global in approach, feelings oriented and happiest when well organized. Myer Briggs theory suggests that when you are stressed or out of balance, that your inferior function is triggered.

For me, this would be "extroverted, tell it like it is with no holds barred" behaviour. If I allow myself to get in the grip of this function, it's just a disaster in the making - not only do I potentially hurt the person I'm "telling it like it is" to, but I also end up feeling like aliens have invaded my body and that I need to be wrapped up and placed in a padded cell. The worst part is that I feel hollow and unauthentic.

In certain aspects of my life, I have been teetering on the edge of the grip for a few weeks now. Do I give in or do I take a big breath and step away? I'm looking to see whether being in the grip has actually got me anywhere and this morning decided a workout was the best medicine.

In true piss-ant fashion I started small. I am lifting less than half of what I could lift pre injury. But I did nail three sets of decline push ups on my toes..so I must be getting somewhere. Finished with a steady run and Bodystep training. Wahhoo - feeling more like my old self already.

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