Monday, November 24, 2008

PissAnt to Princess!

Not a massive post today (unlike how massive I will get eventually!) Trained five clients and managed to get a good cracking run workout in, actually the fastest and furtherest I've run post surgery. Then I attacked some pulling exercises - did horizontal pulling, vertical pulling (x2) and vertical pushing (neutral grip shoulder press - felt a bit weird but will watch the shoulder for any unusual signs). I had to look in the mirror and sigh today - I have lost so much muscle! My mind is made up for my December goal - I'm going from pissant to princess! That I'm even thinking this is good news - must mean I'm getting over my injury laden annus horribilis sooner rather than later!

The intensity pic is for Ferny - hoping that she doesn't find the vomit when she comes up and does RPM next Saturday with me!

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ss2306 said...

You're already a princess!