Saturday, November 22, 2008

RPM Hotties Having Fun!

From Left to Right: Shelley, Me, Lisa and Dori

It was our RPM launch this morning - can't believe it's RPM 41 already! Our theme was "Bollywood" and it looks like after a good hard RPM class that I have lost my bindii! I did have a beautiful Indian Skirt that I wore, but it was too long to wear comfortably on the bike so I stuck to my traditional black clobber.

It was a full class and it was great to catch up and find out what everyone has been doing. Everyone put in a huge effort and the high you get after a tough class is amazing...except for the fact that I had to turn around and do the 9.30am class as Leesa, one of the other Group Fitness Instructors wasn't well. So I had to pretend that my 8.10am class was just a figment of my imagination - got out there and hit it hard again. I have to say that my Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls after class and they were pretty awesome.

I love our Launch weekends - so much fun and it's going to a party and being paid for it!


Anonymous said...

OMG - look at how sweaty you all are - i am quietly sh*tting myself Liz!! hee hee


Anonymous said...

You four are glowing. Fit and fabulous suits you all, well done bollywood girls. ;o) xxx

Shannon said...

phew - definatley a bunch of hotties! Sounds like you had fun! Let me know when your next launch is on, would love to come. Congrats on your 4.5kg loss - you definatley practice what you preach. Thanks also for my DVDs -love em! Will be giving them a flogging this week. xx

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

OMGosh! just look at how red my face is! Did i tell you that track 7 was the bomb!