Thursday, September 03, 2009

Uh oh..

I've been a bit 'absent' the past few days - because I've been a bear with a sore paw... I've been having pain between my first and second metatarsal and ankle stiffness (I think, secondary to the ol tarsals giving me heaps) so this week I've done nothing, except a super lift heavy you-know-what session with ol' Mrs Biologica - quick newsflash to say that I finally got my 50kg bench - woohoo! - except have a pity party for my feet. No step launch with Chieko and no RPM either, I've been sadly looking at my yellow wig and funky launch sunglasses.

There, have I painted a sad picture or what?

Off to the sports doc this morning and straight onto "X Radiology" for a Bone Scan. If you're in Brisbane and want top notch radiology services - this is the place to go. They did my shoulder ultrasound injections as well as the scan today and a mini CT scan as well because the data was patchy - that will be $600.00 paid by Mr Rudd thank you very much (bulk billed!). Anyway no stress fracture or talk of Morton's Neuroma, but I have degeneration in one of my tarsometatarsal joints and my talus (large ankle bone). The doc has said "no step" until foot pain settles but to keep doing RPM and lifting heavy you-know-what.

Next stop is my favourite physio and the podiatrist. My goal is to have myself all fixed up by the time I officially reach middle age (next Saturday).

I don't know how you're meant to make any of these appointments when you work full time so I consider myself extremely lucky that this has come together so quickly!


Magda said...

Happy 40th for next Saturday Liz. Sending you hugs and kisses from Adelaide.

XXOO Magda

ss2306 said...

Sad picture? Nah, I'm laughing my arse off picturing you wearing your "gear" and thinking it'd make the perfect party outfit for next Friday night (hint).

Kerry W said...

Bugger Liz! It's a real bitch getting damned injuries...they so get in the way of real progress! Hope you get on top of it all soon. I know what a battle it can be at our age ('re younger than me...he...he...not for much It's worse when we're in denial about how old we actually are. I am anyway (in denial).

Here's to a better week! :)

Kek said...

Good news on the foot then. Bummer about missing your launch though.

Hmm, if 40 is middle age, then what's 50...?