Monday, September 07, 2009

Letting it Ride

"Reality is your friend, because it gives you back your perspective and hence the power over yourself" Roger Gould.

Love this quote - I've been digging more into what my reality is right now and coming to the conclusion that mental fatigue has played a bit part in my life the past few months and really did catch up with me. Ever heard of the phrase (mostly used by men) "women think too much"? Uh, that would be me. Left to my devices too long, I've let a few thoughts run away with me and turn into what I call "big whoppers". For example, today I have to take the day off work because Miss G has been up all night vomiting. Rather than leave it at just being rotten luck and just unfortunate, I could feel myself magnifying it into a scenario where my employer would not be impressed with me, I'd be fired, (not that) fat and forty! (yeah, I know!). These "all or nothing" feelings do nothing but make me feel anxious (which in the past was a driver for overeating).

In these situations I really have to tell myself to "get a grip" and really look at what is real versus what is imagined - and reality wins every time. Getting relief from unpleasant feelings usually means facing reality - and reality is a good place to be!

I've got good news on the foot front, padding underneath my metatarsals is really helping, I've yet to see my physio and podiatrist (which only signals improvement!) and I'm cautiously optimistic that I can teach Step on Wednesday morning as well as my usual RPM. I've also been doing some ankle mobilization exercises (the advantages of being an exercise phys, I can start my rehab straight away!) and hip flexor work.

Training with Mrs B tomorrow (I'm wondering what heavy s**t she's lifted today) and sleeping much better. Dare I say it, I can't wait to be punished!

Lots to look forward to on the nutrition front today as well. Pumpkin soup (hooray!), fresh NZ trevally and vegetables and roasted vegetable salad with fetta and balsamic dressing (leftovers from Father's Day dinner yesterday).

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Victoria Hart said...

You have a very strong spirit, thanks for sharing it!