Thursday, September 10, 2009

Client Results

Even though I'm not doing any live PT anymore, I wanted to share some photos of my client, Christine. We spent six months or so training to add muscle - this is the result of six months hard work and some really heavy lifting (example - Christine went from 25kg to 45kg on bench press and easily deadlifts 70kg plus)

Proof that throwing around some good weights earns you a killer bod! (and the right to have an assistant hold your weights whilst you fix your outfit/hair/make up!)


ss2306 said...

Simply stunning!!

Lifting heavy shit to add muscle rulez.

Julie said...

Great job Liz and Christine!!! Beautiful work!

Esme said...

I know it's probably not quite 'Kosher' but Christines' quads are at eyeline on my fridge in full A4 colour - glossy photo paper. She will also be in 4" x 6" in my bathroom right under the mirror, last thing I see at night and first thing in the morning for inspiration. I want those quads! (won't put pics anywhere else as probably copyrighted).

She now joins Fern & KatieP. How do I explain picture of beautiful women in my house to the man in my life mmmmm.... or my female friends......He'll appreciate it, I hope! Thanks so much for that post. Erika

Flea said...

I wish you lived in Perth, I so wanna look like that too! Bhoo hoo now I'm totally depressed.
Well done to you and Christine on some excellent results.

Broken YoYo said...

oh wow, she looks fantastic, really taut and toned, her skin looks beautiful - good work! :-)