Saturday, September 05, 2009

In a better groove today!

I have to say that sleep is a beautiful thing and a highly underrated occupation. Was able to get off to sleep and stay asleep last night which left me feeling much more "even" this morning.

After a fair bit of angst, I decided to teach RPM this morning - and guess what, padded up there was no pain at all - I was a bit puffy after a week of doing nothing, but boy, did it feel good to move again! I did some shouldery rehab stuff - am slowly getting it back into submission, so here's hoping I'm as good as gold really soon.

Thank you for the comments on the kangaroo and the depression. I think kangaroo is a bit of an acquired taste and you have to cook it just right to bring out the best in it! I can highly recommend the herb and garlic steaks as a first port of call to any virgin kangaroo eaters.

Now onto the depression - thank you to Esme for your comment about depression and caring professions. I think we're inadvertently led to believe that somehow we're above suffering the ills of our patients. I remember the day I started my pharmacy degree, being in a lecture theatre with the med students, physios and all the other medicine/health students and being told that we were "elite", how we had to 'rise above' to treat our patients. Depression doesn't discriminate though -I've lost colleagues to suicide and it's even worse if you're a doctor it seems.

Now I think that when we care, we need to be especially cautious of taking time to recharge our own batteries. I allowed myself to get too busy and tried to be too much for too many people. However I am consciously choosing to say "no" to more things so I can say "yes" to feeling more even, more relaxed and to having more fun.

Now, off to bed soon to curl up with a good book. Resting helps everything, including a frazzled headspace feel much better!


Esme said...

I am a nurse, so we're never told we're 'elite', LOL, but we are also never told how to look after ourselves. I have actually had people look at me with disgust when I say, 'I'm going now', I'm a nurse consultant, so when they say but... I say are they in pain?, are they going to die? Can someone else do it? Can it wait until tomorrow. If it really can't, of course I will do what is my job, if not, see you tomorrow! Sounds a bit harsh, I'm not really that black and white, but I do think more about things and say no when I can for more me time. I'm not sure if you've noticed that with others Kek? How others can't understand how you cna sometimes say 'no' more easily?

Stephanie Davis said...

hope you have an even better day today liz! :) xx

Kek said...

That's a good point about caring for others and taking the time to care for yourself and recharge your batteries. I feel a blog post coming on...

Glad some sleep helped. :o)