Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stepping Up!

I woke up feeling much better today and got to teach Bodystep this morning which was great fun. It's my "fun" factor class and my one class a week is a wonderful contrast to my four "tough nut" RPM classes. I believe the hardest part about returning after illness is taking things a little slower and building up to full tilt gradually. I tend to remember how fit I was before illness, and sometimes I have to adjust my attitude and tell myself it is perfectly fine to ease back into things. I must be on the mend as I'm feeling really good after class and have just enjoyed a huge plate of fish and vegetables. Yum yum!

I'm glad that the response to my blog spring clean has been positive. Even though I really enjoyed doing my Figure Comps, that phase for me is over and I feel more focused on living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same and find their happy place with their training and exercise. Life is full of flux and it's really exciting to watch all the changes people make - Lisa posted yesterday about her "retirement" from powerlifting and her enjoyment of Cross Fit. Shelley's thinking of doing some powerlifting. Fern is caning Crossfit and only eating out of Tupperware when she takes her lunch to work. What is next on the fitness cards for me, I don't know but I'm just enjoying every workout and going with the flow.

Actually I do have something lined up next Wednesday - I'm doing Yoga with Lynne after teaching my Bodystep class - Lynne does my Step class and I thought I would try out Yoga after seeing how "connected" she is within herself - a good time to slow down, focus on being mindful and still - will see how it goes and report back!


Magda said...

hoowee what a fantastic looking blog header you have there miss lizzy. love it! its hot and its very "you".



KatieP said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE yoga -- I can't get enough at the moment. I hope you enjoy it ♥

Doris's BEHAG journey said...


love the new header! WOW! and yoga, got to love that. Must go back and do some Bikram, now that gives you a serious workout! 90 mins of stretching poses in the stiffling heat!